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For corporate registrant, only one corresponding member should fill in the form as contact person.

Types of Membership Annual Membership Fee
Corporate HK$2,000 for a year
HK$4,000 for 2 years
HK$5,000 for 3 years
Individual Free
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Terms and Declaration

I understand the KMRIC membership subscription will be granted on an annual basis.

I understand the approval and renewal of membership will be subject to the sole discretion of KMIRC. KMIRC reserves the right to change the terms and benefits of the membership without prior notice.

Personal information collection statement

I hereby give consent to KMIRC to use my personal data for purposes of:

  • processing the application, renewal and termination of KMIRC membership;
  • sending marketing materials on the news and events of KMIRC. ;

I understand my personal data will not be disclosed to third party for other purposes.

I have the right to request access to and correction of the personal information, I can contact KMIRC by Miss Trista Lai if necessary.

    I have read and agree to accept the above terms.