Contributed Lecture, Poster, and Minisymposium Presentation Abstracts

Welcome to the abstract submission of SIAM Conference on Optimization 2020. Please submit your abstracts according to the following guidelines.

  1. Minisymposium speakers are required to input the code received from the minisymposium organizers; the code is assigned only if the minisymposium is accepted; please ask the organizers of your minisymposium for it. To submit a contributed talk, please input the code "CCCCCC". For posters, please input "PPPPPP". 
  2. SIAM requests speakers to submit only one oral presentation for the conference, either a minisymposium presentation or a contributed lecture.
  3. A poster may be presented in addition to a talk, provided the talk and the poster are on different results.
  4. An abstract should include only plain text and standard LaTeX commands. Customized LaTeX macros are discouraged. An abstract should consist of at most 1500 characters, spaces included.
  5. Acceptance of contributed lectures and posters will be announced within two weeks after the deadline.
  6. For more information, please refer to SIAM's Guidelines for Meeting Participants and our Submission and Deadlines page. You are invited to contact Miss Cindy Lu at in case of any questions. 

The deadline has passed.