Minisymposium Proposal Submission

Welcome to the minisymposium proposal submission of SIAM Conference on Optimization 2020. Please submit your proposals according to the following guidelines.

  1. A minisymposium should consist of four 25-minute presentations, with an additional five minutes for discussion after each presentation.
  2. SIAM prefers a single individual to (co-)organize at most one minisymposium. However, a minisymposium can contain up to three parts, each part with four talks, under the same minisymposium title followed by "Part I", "Part II", and "Part III".
  3. SIAM requests that individuals limit themselves to giving one talk unless approvals have been obtained from co-chairs of the organizing committee. This does not apply to invited plenary speakers. We remind you to check whether your proposed speakers have been invited by other minisymposiums or not. 
  4. Each minisymposium proposal should have a minimum of three confirmed speakers. Unconfirmed speakers can be listed as "TBD/TBA", yet proposals with a majority of "TBD/TBA" speakers risk immediate rejection.
  5. For more information, please refer to SIAM's Guidelines for Preparing a Minisymposium Proposal. You are invited to contact Miss Cindy Lu at in case of any questions. 

The deadline has passed.